New Car: Chang’an BenBen Mini

Published on March 9, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

The good old Chang’an BenBen has been replaced by two new cars, this BenBen Mini and it’s sistercar the BenBen Love. The Love is basically just a facelifted old BenBen and will be available as a cheaper alternative next to this really new Mini. The little cars are very popular among first car buyers who might want to try a Chang’an-Suzuki Swift as their next vehicle.

Only engine is a 1.0 petrol, [email protected], [email protected] Top speed is 158, Chang’an says, but I am not so sure. Those 1.0’s rarely get over the 130.  Size: 3520/1570/1490, wheelbase: 2345. Prices from 35000 rmb to 45000 rmb.

The Mini will compete with all China’s Aygo-clones such as the BYD F0 and Geely Panda. The Mini’s lines are a bit busy and many but at least it is Chang’an’s own design.

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