Zotye Revives Fiat Siena and Palio

Published on April 15, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

When Fiat ran crying from it’s joint venture with Nanjing Automotive in 2008 it sold the Palio and Siena platforms to small automaker Zotye. Earlier Fiat sold Zotye the Multipla and Lancia Lybra platforms. Zotye managed to get the Multipla in production about a year ago and now they are readying the Siena and Palio for the Beijing Auto Show. Zotye didn’t go the easy way and made a MG-like new front on the Siena (above).

New Palio loox different yet again, very sporty and surely more attractive than that ugly Fiat ever was. Not sure about the name of the new machine, rumors say ‘Dream’ 0r ‘Party’. Could be both of course, like ‘Dream’ for the Siena en ‘Party’ for the Palio. We will see.

Those little characters on the right side next to the space for the licence plate are together actually the real new name. It is just too small to read and the pic ain’t bigger. Left characters say   ‘众泰汽车’, meaning ‘Zotye Auto’.

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