Beijing Auto Show 2010: Guangzhou Auto Trumpche

Published on May 5, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

Guanzghou Auto is a brand from Guangzhou Automobile Corporation (GAC). In july 2009 GAC signed a joint venture with Fiat to produce Fiats for the Chinese market. Prior to that Fiat helped GAC with the development of their own line of cars, named Guangzhou Auto. Most ‘helpful’ was Fiat selling some older platforms, likely Alfa, to GAC. The Trumpche, Chuanqi in Chinese, stands on one of those.

The Trumpche came as a concept but yesterday we heard production will start in september this year, the X-Power SUV to follow in 2011, the same year the first Guangzhou-Fiats are sceduled to roll of the line. The Trumpche on the show had a badge on the back reading ‘2.0 FDi’. Could be a Fiat engine that came with the platform, no more details available for now.

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