“Spyker works on C8 Spyder GT2 for China”

Published on July 6, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

TopSpeed reports that Spyker is working on a China-only ‘C8 Spyder GT2’ based on the GT2 race car, to debut in October. Spyker already sells the limited edition LM85, a coupe based on the GT2. But the special isn’t just a LM85 without a roof. Acoording to the report it will also be:

“longer, wider, and more importantly, more comfortable for the driver. Also, like with the Lamborghini model, the future Chinese edition of the C8 Spyder GT2 will feature specific design elements, both inside and out. The engine  will also get an upgrade, making it more suitable for day to day driving.”

Topspeed continues the report with the news that Spyker is working on a 4-door coupe to compete with the “Porsche Panamera , Jaguar XF and the cheaper Passat CC”. I am not so sure about that last one, Aston Martin Rapide seems a better choice.

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