Jaguar working on long wheelbase XF for China

Published on July 14, 2010 by Tycho de Feijter

Jaguar is working on a long wheelbase XF for the Chinese chauffeur-driven market, said Tata Motor’s chief executive, Carl-Peter Forster, in an interview with German magazine Automobilwoche. The XFL(?) will compete with many similair stretched machinery for the Chinese market: the Audi A6L, BMW 530L, Benz E300L and Volvo S80L.

Jaguar so, is very late. All mentioned cars are furthermore made in China, the XF is not and the XFL will not. Jaguar is trying to find a partner for building cars in China but it will take years before the first ‘Jag’ rolls of the Chinese line. The XFL will therefore be more expensive compared to competition.

Mr Forster didn’t call a time for the XFL’s debut so it won’t be soon, good guess is the Shanghai Autoshow in April next year.

(crappy Photoshop by me, I added 15cm behind the B-pillar)

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