Police in China changes Mercedes-Benz ML350 into Honda CR-V

Police in the good city of Fengchenggang in Guangxi Province re-badged their Mercedes-Benz ML350 into a Honda CR-V. There is a lot of criticism in China lately about local governments who waste taxpayers money. Police in Fengchanggang so made some changes to their 900.000 yuan ML350, a Honda CR-V only costs 200.000 yuan.

But the plan went wrong. Citizens of Fengchenggang were not to be fooled and posted pics of the Benz CR-V on the internet where ‘netizens’ had a field day ridiculing the local government as hard as they could. Best part: the police flatly denied they made any changes to their car.  I guess it depends on what you call a ‘change’…

Via: 163.com.

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