Spotted in China: Guangzhou-Peugeot 505

The Peogeot 505 sedam was made in China from 1990 to 1997 by the Guangzhou-Peugeot joint venture. The company was founded in 1985 and ended in 1997 with a big fight between the partners.  The joint venture made the 504 pick up, the 505 sedan and the 505 stationwagen. These days the 505 is a very rare sight, I found this one on a parking lot near my home in Beijing.

Sorry for the crappy pic, there was a wall in my way. The 505 was powered by a 4-cylinder with 79kw and 161nm good for a claimed 167km/h top speed. 0-100 took 14 seconds.

The China-made 505 stationwagon. It is still possible to find 505’s on second hand car markets. A very good one will cost around 30.000 yuan, 4600 dollar. Slow depreciation indeed.

2 thoughts on “Spotted in China: Guangzhou-Peugeot 505”

  1. These things are even shorter supply now that the drift scene have cottoned onto the fact that they are RWD.

  2. Ash, I hope that the drifting comment was tongue in cheek – it would be too sad.

    What’s cool is that the 505 is wearing the same rear wing and taillights as the Argentinian 505 Evolution. I wonder where these parts were developed?

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