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Greatwall police car for Sale in China

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A very nice Greatwall CC1020A police car for sale in China, offered by a government-related car dealer in the great city of Xining, capital of remote Qinghai province. The CC1020A is based on the Greatwall Deer pick-up truck and extended at the back.

Unfortunately you and I cannot buy it. Since this is a police car with police license plates only other government agencies can purchase this fine vehicle. Well, ain’t that unfair? This CC1020A was made in 2000. Add doesn’t mention anything about the price so I checked around and found a standard 2003 Deer pick-up truck for 15.000 yuan. Too bad I don’t work for the government.

Power comes from a 2.2 4-cylinder petrol engine with 78kw and 190nm. In a standard Deer good enough for a 130km/h top speed.

Standard Deer.

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