BMW X5 against Tricycle in China, BMW loses.

An interesting crash in the great city of Chengzhou in Jiangsu province. A BMW X5 SUV crashed into the side of a motorized tricycle. The tricycle loox almost undamaged while the big BMW’s front is kinda gone completely.

Heavy damage here, bumper, grille, lights and bonnet are all d-stroyed.

Tricycle was loaded with full water-bottles, maybe they pushed the crash-energy right back into the BMW. How and what-ever that might of might now be; what we learned today is: a BMW X5 SUV will not survive a crash with a China-made tricycle which even Chinese people consider extremely crappy. Consider that, BMW!


3 thoughts on “BMW X5 against Tricycle in China, BMW loses.”

  1. Seems spectacular, but is easy to understand given the mismatch in concepts
    * the BMW is desinged to absorb crash energy in order to get a 5* rating, ie minimize energy impact on passenger
    * well the trike … if has a clear design purpose at all it probably was designed to last and to max weight load – at least this is reflected in the hard, rigid no-frills metalbody

    Does anyone know the speed at time of impact?

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