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Spotted in China: Hafei Baili HFJ7090

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A nowadays very rare Hafei Baili HFJ7090, seen on a parking lot in the Fangzhuang area in Beijing and looking very well for its age. The Baili is a child of Harbin Hafei Motor, since 2009 a subsidiary of Chang’an Automotive but in the Baili-days still under Harbin Aircraft Industry, a military-aircraft maker from the great city of Harbin in ice-cold Heilongjiang province.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

The Baili was a knock-off copy of the Daewoo Tico. It was made from 1997 until 2004. To complicate things a bit: the Baili was also made by a company called Anhui Anchi, a subsidiary of Hafei Motor, that car was called the Anchi Baili. For this story we focus on the car at hand; the Hafei Baili (哈飞百利) HFJ7090. Hafei by la ways means ‘Flying Happy’.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

Power!, came from a three-cylinder water-cooled 0.870 liter engine, good for 30kw and 64nm. Size: 3390/1485 /1395, wheelbase was 2335. Price, in 2004, was a very cheap 30.800 yuan for the base model.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

Double rear wing for super down force.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

Owner didn’t spec the wind screen wiper.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

Factory pic.

Hafei Baili HFJ7090

A nice yellow example, priced 38.500 yuan.

Early car, later examples got a more conventional wheel.

Well, a beautiful machine it is, let’s hope it’ll be on the road for a while.

Specs via: Sina.com.

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