Published on January 20, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

2500 Articles on CarNewsChina.com

Hello Readers,

Today is a party-day because this is article number 2500.

CarNewsChina.com was born in March 2010 and has since then reached a bigger audience every day. It was a lotta work and a lotta fun. Next up: 5000. Keep reading!

On pic a plastic model of a Dongfeng-15 SRBM which seemed fittingly for this celebration.



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  1. RR ltd Co.- January 20, 2012 Reply

    I wish you next thousands of great posts and photos.
    You’re my favorite source of chinese cars knowledge!

    best reggards
    RR from Poland

  2. Geely-Tiger- January 20, 2012 Reply

    congratulations! i will read the next million!

  3. b-lalala- January 20, 2012 Reply

    Hurray hurray! I really like your site, especially ‘car culture’, may you write much more!

  4. Hanzel- January 20, 2012 Reply

    Great! and a happy Chinese new year.

  5. Shrawan Raja- January 21, 2012 Reply

    I come here everyday, I enjoy your stories. You’re working very hard and the results are obvious. I wish you guys a very happy new year and hope to see even more updates in the coming weeks and months 🙂

  6. JB- January 21, 2012 Reply

    From Highland Park, Illinois USA, I check on this site daily!

  7. Herald-B- January 21, 2012 Reply

    carry on, carry on…

  8. Carl- January 22, 2012 Reply

    congratulations! i check your site every day from Wiesbaden, Germany.

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