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The Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup trucks from China

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While doing some research on my story about the very rare China-made Peugeot 504 pickup truck I met a car even more special; the Dongfeng-branded Citroen ZX pickup truck. The Citroen ZX was made in China by the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture, they made the ZX for the Chinese car market, called ‘Fukang’ in China. They also made a rare ‘Dongfeng-Citroen’-branded Fukang van.

Partner Dongfeng thought just a van was not enough and they decided to make a four-door pickup version of the van, branded as ‘Dongfeng’, and that is the car you see on these pics.History, so far, doesn’t tell whether PSA liked the initiative…

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

Production of the Dongfeng-Citroen van started in 1996. Dongfeng pick-up on pic however seems based on a more recent Fukang, likely the 2000-model. According to my sources power came from a 1.4 four-cylinder. Smallest engine for the Fukang-series was a 1.6. Dongfeng, knowing PSA wouldn’t like the pickup truck, probably used another engine.

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

Interior as in the Fukang, note Citroen plaid above the center console.

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

Note Dongfeng-logo on the grille.

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck from China

An older example. Nose-to-nose the Geely Meirenbao, China’s first sportscar.

Dongfeng-Citroen ZX pickup truck

Pics via: Autohome, Xarng.

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