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Fake 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom? Soar Automobile from China got one for you!

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This might look like a real 1961 Rolls Royce Phantom but it is not. In fact it is a ‘wedding car’ made by a Chinese company called Qingdao Soar Automobile. Essentially a coach-building outfit that makes ambulances and police vehicles, but they also have a department that makes special vehicles for weddings.

As for today their line-up consists of only one car; this brilliant Rolls Royce Phantom-clone. It doesn’t really have a name, Soar simply calls it ‘classic style wedding car’.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Qingdao Soar Automobile is based in the great city of Qingdao in Shandong Province. Their old name is Jinma Auto Corporation, Jinma also made extremely weird wedding cars about which I will tell you in a later story.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

I want mine in pink. The RR-clone is based on on a stretched platform from Great Wall SUV and powered by a Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4 four-cylinder (4G69S4N) that poops out 100kw and 200nm. The bodywork is created by Soar itself. Size: 6900/1920/1750, wheelbase is 4800. Weight: 2090kg.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

This sort of car is mostly used for weddings and mostly in the countryside where farmers want to impress each other with their ‘Rollers’ (and later at dinner with the biggest cow on the table). City folk can hire a real Rolls Royce these days, so sadly Soar’s machinery won’t come around very often in Beijing or Shanghai.

Price of a base-spec Soar classic style wedding car starts around 250.000 yuan, or 39.000 US dollar. Not too much for a car that is almost as good as the real thing…

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Inside the factory.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Rollers rolling down the line. Rollers for everyone.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Old England never made so many.

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Yez, this is a real one indeed. Short wheelbase here. Soar got that one too:

Soar Automobile China fake Rolls Royce

Wheels are kinda cool.

Via: Soar Automobile.

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  1. How can we obtain their contact details for import (in english please)? A friend of mine wants to open a limousine service for weedings and VIP transport. This is exactly the type of car for this purposes and he cannot afford a real Rolls Royce. But I thinks that nobody will object these cars for just a few hours transportation.

  2. Traditionally, Rolls Royce would have taken every legal step imaginable to put a stop to this. Nowadays, under the BMW regime I’m not sure what they would do

  3. BMW did in fact take A Chinese car manafacture to court for making a fake BMW X5,called the “Shuanghuan CEO” which looks remarkably the same as an origional BMW X5. The Court in China said that the car looked nothing like an X5, and BMW lost their case.
    A Japanese company called, “Mitsuoka” has been producing cars for a number of years now that look similar to some famous brands.

  4. Hello:
    Really I can’t very good replica,I liked to know, how I can be contacted with the company, I know that the company name is “Qingdao Soar Automobile”, but i don’t have any telephone number or mail address. And I interested whichever models exist;
    And if they heve on sale like being able to realise it.

  5. “Almost as good as the real thing” … Are you blind, crazy or both. Just another example of crap Chinese copying, crap design, crap quality … even a stupid crap name.

    Fake. Just like the idiots who make it.


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