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The JAC 4R3 Ford F150 clone from China in More Detail

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Only 3 days ago we published the first pics of the JAC 4R3 pickup truck which is basically a Ford F150 clone with a much smaller engine. The story went wild all over the world and is now officially our Most Popular Story Ever. Today we have a bunch of new and better pics from the JAC 4R3 pickup truck, taken somewhere near the factory. Yez, this crazy 4R3 is very real indeed…

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

Power comes from JAC’s own ‘HFC4DA1-2B1’ 2.8 liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, good for 108hp and 240nm. The JAC 4R3 will likely debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April. Price is yet unknown but based on similar sized and powered pickup trucks it won’t be much more expensive than some 100.000 yuan or 16.000 USD. Size (unconfirmed): 5030×1720×1735.

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

JAC 4R3 pickup truck Ford F150 clone from China

Via: Hexun.com.

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  1. Keep up the good work, GM, Ford etc. have China make parts for you and soon they will make the whole car assembled and ready to go…….Oh, they did and under their own name without regard to patent laws etc. Can you believe that ! Yeah right how stupid are we….Close the doors before we have nothing left here and we are poorer than the least third world country ! Make made in the USA mean something again and rebuild our manufacturing for American Citizens by American Citizens so our child will have a future before the present actions of our trade agreements bury all americans and our “Gloden Waves Of Crain become RICE PATTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. As for Mark’s comment “…and our “Gloden Waves Of Crain become RICE PATTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”…

    Maybe I’m missing something about the Gloden(?) Waves of Crain(?) Maybe those mean something I don’t know about, or maybe they were just really bad spelling errors…

    But as for “RICE PATTIES”… the term is “rice paddy,” not “patty.” Often we Americans have a hard enough time not looking completely ignorant… please don’t help us with that.

  3. This is what happens when corporate greed undermines all of us. We were sold out by the same companies who took tax breaks then shipped those same jobs overseas. No wonder our country is in a mess. We are the innovators not the immatators , its about time we get our act together enough is enough.

  4. I think you need to look back at the bailouts and the best selling truck F150 and Ford did not take any money! They fought there own way out of slump!

  5. Looks like the image of a pickup to the Chinese is the F150. Sorry Dodge, sorry Toyota, sorry Nissan, at least the Chevy got their Colorado ripped off. As China continues to get richer, it’s gonna be time for Ford to start exporting the world’s best selling vehicle to a nation of 1+ billion. Step 1, let JAG do the market research for full size trucks. Step 2….. Step 3….profit.

  6. Do some simple research and see what the CEO of Ford (Corporation that manufatures the Ford F-150) made in salary in 2011 ($27,000,000 American Currency Plus stock options ++++++ ) and 2012 raised to
    $29,000,000 Plus Ford Stock Options ++++++ ) !!!

    Now where do you think that 27 oe 29 Million greenbacks of Salary for the Ford CEO is coming from???
    Yes, that is additional overhead placed on the American manufactured F-150, F-250, F-350 et cetera
    Ford Trucks and we American buyers are expected to
    “grin and bear it” like a real Sport.
    I will NOT pay for a CEO to make 60 times what the President of the USA makes as it is NOT coming out of my hard-earned salary and savings, period.



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