Spy Shots: JAC 4R3 pickup truck from China is gunning for the Ford F150

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The new JAC 43R pickup truck loox more than a little bit like the good old American Ford F150. JAC doesn’t care, they just want to have a big ‘n cheap pickup truck that will be sold on the Chinese car market and likely in Africa and South America as well. The 43R will likely debut at the Beijing Auto Show in April.

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JAC 4R3 pickup truck

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Ford F150, not officially on sale in China but some come over the ocean, sold by US dealers to Chinese dealers to eager buyers. Ford again, misses a market.

JAC, Jianghuai Auto Corporation, is a relatively small player in China. They make a range of underwhelming passenger cars, SUV’s based on old Hyundai’s and pickup trucks.

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JAC 4R3 pickup truck

The pickup trucks are cheap and therefore sell very well. JAC is doing fine export-wise with large operations in Africa, South America and (far) eastern Europe.The 4R3 will soon join the party. Power comes from a ‘HFC4DA1-2B1’ 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine that poops out 108hp and 240nm.

JAC 4R3 pickup truck

Update: new pictures here, and a JAC Chevrolet-clone here.

Via: PlayersChina, Autohome.

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  1. Oh, so what. Ever look at the first Lexus LS? Dead ringer for that year’s Mercedes S-Class. Designers steal from each other all the time. And marketers of a new product think it’s safer to copy a success than try something new.

  2. F’ing junk, This is what kills the US economy. Before u know it this stupid truck will be in the states just like a honda. I blame the down fall of the economy and us motors to all the yuppies who bought a non american made car. U want a non american car move out of the states

  3. Well why reinvent the wheel, when you can copy the Goddamn Ford F150. americans who love america should buy american and then you will see the economy turn around. The americans went to China to get cheaply made products and made china millionaires overnight. Wallmart cheapness made Billions for americans company’s. Now the americans cant find jobs and they are complaining. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.American genius is sabotaging the world.

  4. Jim Jim Hondas are made in the U.S.A. the majority of the ones sold here. Fords on the other hand are Mazdas and they are mainly manufactured outside the U.S.A. the Ford Fusion is a great example. Maybe you should take your own advice and move to Mexico? Ignorance is not a excuse.

  5. I thought Ford and Mazda split up last year, that’s why only the design of the Mazda 2 and Fiesta are the same and the power plants are different. I could be wrong there.

    And if you look at the JAC truck.. they ripped off the Colorado from Chevy a little too.

    It’s all a copy cat game. Kia, Hyandai, Honda, Tata, Toyota, Suzuki, Suburu, Mazda, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Nissan, JAC, Great Wall, all the darn Austrailian companies, all the luxury car companies. Holy crap, they all look the same really.

    They are cars, trucks, and SUVs. Nobody can do a whole lot different, 4 wheels, an engine and some seats. Heck half the parts are probably made by a company that does parts for other cars too. Thus the tail lights look similar because they are probably made the same exact way, or by the same company.

  6. Ford and Mazda are no longer together. Been that way for a few years now. Most of the Fords sold in the US are built here. The new 2013, and beyond, Fusion is going to be built in Flat Rock, Michigan. Yes, some will still be built in Mexico. I know this because I am a 15 year Ford employee.

  7. You redneck idiots who blame the fall of the american economy on people buying foreign cars are plain ignorant. The bigger problem are the Unions of the American car companies, ridiculous pensions and free benefits to workers of these poorly built automobiles here in the states. I think if we look at facts, A US Auto company (GM) was just bailed out by the government not a foreign auto company. American industry is failing based on the poor management and fraudulant unions, not because people buy foreign vehicles.

  8. I will buy ANY vehicles NOT made by American union members because I was brought up to hate communists , no matter where they reside . Go China !

  9. Finally someone has the brainpower to build a full size truck with a 4 cyl diesel. What is the US waiting for. How much horsepower do you need to haul a load of garbage to the dump. Come on. The oil barons would be so disappointed.

  10. rommle wrote “I hope thoss f**king chinese slant eyed bastards will get their noses rubbed in some lawsuits by Ford – idiots cant make anything of their own, they just STEAL what others do!!. its called THEFT you chinky eyed mother***kers!!!”

    You trashy mouth, I hope someone would put a d**k down your throat to shut you up. I know I would.

  11. Clarence Crosby, uhm.. you are against communists but you say go china… I hate to inform you of this but China is COMMUNIST. Have been for decades. You sir are a hippocrite.

  12. Clarence Crosby wrote: “I will buy ANY vehicles NOT made by American union members because I was brought up to hate communists , no matter where they reside . Go China!”

    I really hope you meant to be sarcastic here. You do realize that China IS a Communist country, right?

    I certainly hope so.

  13. To all you union haters out there:Dont you realize labor unions built the great American middle class? As unions disapear so does the middle class.Unions make up only 7% of the work force as compared to 40% in the 50’s &60’s.How can 7% wreck the economy? The decline of wages and the middle class is not because of unions but the disater called free trade!Implement tarrifs NOW!

  14. i pretty much hate china and feel the u.s. will be in a real war with them some day. sure the chinese are an economic powerhouse but they are raping their own people and environment for that position. i wonder if it bothers many chinese to know that they live in a country that produces nothing but JUNK! and please don’t bother telling me about all the chinese products sold here in the u.s. again i repeat, the chinese produce NOTHING BUT JUNK!!!

  15. I agree with Phil whole heartedly. If Ford had gotten off their keister and offered a 4 cyl turbo diesel pickup engine, there would have been less market potential for the Chinese to offer one.
    Ford should be honored to be chosen as the model for it (Chinese probably got the mfg drawings off the internet.)
    Ford could win some of that business back if they try.

  16. ALSO,
    my Jeep has a VM Motori 2.8 liter turbo diesel that puts out 160+ HP and over 300 ft-lb torque. It’s plenty powerful enough to move a Ford F-150 even with all the EPA EGR junk robbing horse power. I’ll bet that 100 HP figure is way off.

  17. Wow all these American made buy American thumpers! Ever wonder why heads of state and heavy duty industrial applications all over the world use Mercedes, Toyota etc? I can just see a shiekh in the UAE or a EU diplomat being shuttled in a Ford Expedition LOL. With the door handles falling off….America has always been about selling an image rather than functional dependable engineering.

  18. Big deal. They stole the front and back from ford and the middle from Nissan. The Chrysler 300 was openly referred to as a bently rip off. You see the Brits crying foul? No. Because Chrysler is shite. Just like JAC.

  19. The tail gate looks like a Nissan Titan’s, I guess their lawyers will be calling as well. Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?

  20. Love It! You can thank all our corporate high level thinkers for setting up shop in a country were theft, deceit and imitation is part of the culture! I love the comments I see, yeah, send your corporate lawyers to China, maybe the commies will do us all a favor and hang them. China has been blatantly dumping copyright product in North America with little or no repercussions for the last 50 years. Its our own corporate greed and our own complete disregard for the American and Canadian people. You want to bring back jobs to North America and rebuild efficient and green factories? Simple, raise the tariffs for Chinese imports and you level the playing field. Now companies will legitimately consider building high tech greener production facilities that will benefit the people of North America and the rest of the World. No more raw sewage and disregard of environmental laws. We will all be better off.

  21. All China had to do was build solid frame 2×3.5 square tube frames and make up a plastic copy of 1960 Austin Healy Bug Eye Sprite bolt it onto frame use a 3 cylinder 1.0 50 hp suzuki engine with a 5 speed rear wheel drive car and sell millions of them to struggling working Americans if they just kept the price down…removable hardtop or convertable…Thats what we want and thats what we can afford…simple simple simple…

  22. Honda of America and Honda of Japan are seperate companies. British made Civics are not the same quality as the American cars. American Hondas are striped down versions of what you can buy in Japan. Honda has sold diesel powered cars in Europe for years now. My 1986 Ford Tempo with the Mazda 2.0L diesel only generated 54hp. The Chrysler Crossfire is a bad copy of the previous generation Mercedes SLK under the sheets. We all know who Chrysler stole the technology from to build all their new RWD cars from overnight. Any complaints? That truck is a really bad Yugo that looks like a Ford and will only be around 1 or 2 years if it rusts like one.

  23. Why is everyone under the impression that American companies are never involved in stealing lying poor business practices or environmental destruction? You people need to read a book or two

  24. What is an American car? GM, Ford, Chyler most are made in Canada or Mexico. Honda, Toyota, Nissan most are made in the USA. BTW lay off the physical description of race because if YOU look in the mirror, yours is not that pretty either.

  25. You know what is real funny. The american auto makers are still killing them selfs with the products they turn out. I just traded a 2011 Chevy Tahoe LTZ for 2 ea. KIA Serentos fully loaded and my payment only went up 15.00 per month between botrh of them. The bottom line is, people are looking for value and american auto makers can noe deliver that until they get rid of the unions that are driving prices through the roof. I loved my Tahoe, however 2 for the price of 1 is a no brainer. So suck it up, american car makers and learn from your mistakes.

  26. With sticker shock of $40K+ for a new full-sized US pickup truck (and our current Depression – sorry, Washington), there needs to be a cheaper alternative out there for folks who would like to own a pickup in the US.

  27. Oh ignorant rednecks and so-called intelligent liberals.. when will you learn that YOU’RE ALL TO BLAME for America’s failure. Greedy unions, greedy management.. it’s all the same. By demanding ever-higher wages and more outrageous benefits, unions encouraged them to go where their labour would have no protections. And management, in search of ever-higher stock prices, with no regard for long-term sustainability accelerated the process. And then you elected governments that could be bought, facilitating it and entrenching it as a practical business decision. In 25 short years, you’ve undone TWO HUNDRED years of American social and economic progress through two world wars and fifty years of Cold war.. and you gave it all up to become China’s bitch for extruded plastic sneakers and iPods.

  28. This is why we need to quit buying Chinese imports. They will reverse engineer our products and their government lets them. This causes a major trade deficit. I guess in 20 years China will call in the debt and bankrupt the USA making us a 3rd world country!

    Of course our politicians won’t say anything or they will loose all of the money they get from them to stay in office. The rich just buy their way into office.

    We need to make term and campaign limits so working people run the country instead of the current group. Which I might add are mostly lawyers. They want to cut spending instead of getting manufacturing back into the USA. More jobs here will create more tax revenue.

  29. It’s about time some other automobile company come up with an alternative to the over priced american trucks Ford, GM and Dodge cram down the american publix throat. At half the price, I would buy it and still have leftover for gas.

  30. For the dumb comment on the reason the US automakers have problems is because of its lazy employees and unions. READ THIS! EVERY FORIEGN AUTOMAKER takes GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES. They pay low taxes, NO MEDICAL BENEFITS, and can get a low interest loan anytime needed. Toyota, FIAT, VW, Volvo have all taken government subsidies. While I applaud Ford Motor Company for not needing the US bailout and worked with its unions, employees, and government to find a solution, they take tax subsidies too. The problem with American manufactures may be the unions and it executives. Pay should be based on performance and capped. The CEO and executives shouldn’t be allowed to make 100X what the average manager makes. That is the real problem with America, making a living wage while workers in other countries are heavily subsidized by their governments. We all should try to buy anything America first and if it can’t compete than look for a foreign product. But we must take care of ourselves first. The world wants to knock the USA down a few notches. It is up to us American’s to show we are UNITED and will support a fair playing field. Our products are just as good or better. That is why I will be buying a Ford. They did it like right, just like we American try to do with our families.

  31. The transmission in my E350 Superduty lasted 78,000 miles. I bet the Chinese can do better than that. Oh and the tranny in my Explorer lasted 58,000. I bet even the French can do better! If you buy a Ford I would suggest dumping it before 50,000 thousand miles or buy an extended warranty.

  32. Stop saying “buy American”. We all decide with our wallets, and if American automakers made a decent vehicle, people would buy it. But when they sell over-priced vehicles with second-class technology, Americans (and everybody else) will buy elsewhere. Maybe you should look closer at the automakers themselves, from the vastly overpaid executives to the $40 an hour wrench turners. Where do their wages come from?

  33. And to the guy who said “EVERY FORIEGN AUTOMAKER takes GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIES”, what do you think the American carmaker bailout was? Read carefully: 14,000 million dollars paid by the taxpayers into the pockets of the executives and stock owners. Get a clue.

  34. I think that a 2.8 litre turbo-diesel engine will haul that truck just fine. The important thing is to ensure that it has a top class cooling system with a water pump mounted low down and a cooling system that bleeds itself of air. The oil cooler should be a separate oil-to-air heat exchanger as coolers that are combined with the radiator are putting all ones eggs in one basket. The engine temperature sensor should be on the cylinder head and made of thermosetting plastic not thermoplastic that melts and lets the sensing element measure the temperature an inch away from the head. Forget viscous-coupled fans and timing belts as electric fans and gears or chains are more reliable. All these errors have been noted in a famous (infamous?) brand which I will not name so good luck to the Chinese. As to American cars, I have hired a couple in Florida and they were pathetic. OK it was a long time ago but the door hinges were already dropping on an almost new car and the performance from the lousy three speed auto box was dismal as it could barely reach the European speed limit! OK it was the repair daily budget brand that is also rubbish in England. Another time I hired a Pontiac I think it was. This was much better except it was black and as soon as the engine stopped the cabin temperature went sky high! Black cars in Florida are a bad joke and they need to be resprayed white.

  35. I have always been an advocate for better cheaper things and competition so good for them to make a better truck at a lower price now lets see if Ford can follow suit.

  36. to all you union bashers . ill bet your repubicans ? iguess you dont in joy your wages. igot a ideal will cut your wages first . and the rest of us union members will follow your lead .along with every republican leader in the good owe usa.ill bet theirs rsh to do this

  37. I’m just wondering if that truck will be offered with a manual transmission? That’s something the original F-150 would never have. Toss in a decent 4wd system, and you got a potential buyer here. Everything american is got that garbage automatic transmission mess.

  38. Better be careful about bashing the Chinese, we (US) owe them more than all of our car companies, banks, and other industries are worth. Face it they own America, so they can do what ever they want. Washington is kissing their aZZeZ every day just to keep borrowing more money from them.

  39. In China when some big CEO is caught stealing they chop off is head in public. in America we send Bernie Madoff’s to luxury resorts where they live better than middle-class (I’m sorry working class, soon to be the growing POOR) Americans. Whose is the better culture?

  40. Interesting…. The front looks like and F150, in the middle, the doors resemble those on a dodge ram 1500, the bed resembles a chevy 1500….
    Although it pisses me off a little that their stealing the design, at least it shows that America makes the best trucks……..You don’t see them knocking of a Toyota or Nissan………..

  41. Na, this looks like an F-150-Nissan Titan hybrid… “Voter” takes the cake with those two comments. A: China has a noose on America’s balls. B: China has a noose on their own peoples balls. For all we Americans know we are as shielded as Chinese pedestrians. Lets face it, we elect the best speaker, the House is full of puppets, and psychologists advise our “mainstream media,” creating a hilarious cluster-fuck for the rest of the world to watch.

  42. The president should in fact be the best speaker, he should have almost no power, the house should hold the vast majority of the power, but contain mainly engineers and scientists, people that have real world experience, also some people with law and business backgrounds. But nope, the House is loaded with businessmen and lawyers, no truly intellectual individuals. Just a bunch of ex CEO’s of mega corporations that have the mind set of “I’m doing well because I worked for it, you aren’t because you fucked up somewhere along the way.” May be true in some cases, but for the most part, it goes like this. The mega rich are pulling the strings, the government is full of puppets, and our media creates blind sheeple… Although there are plenty of people that are not washed, the majority of them have no way to make a mark, and the others have a subconscious fear of pushing for the right thing. Or am I completely insane? Are you completely insane? Am I you? Are we clones? Is this heaven or hell? We went from the telegraph to phones you can ask “Where is the closest strip club?” and it will list every strip club anywhere near and give complete directions. The human body runs on electricity created by chemical reactions, thus making it theoretically possible to create some kind of wireless mind control/mind reading device… Oh wait there is a word for that… Wife. Rant rant rant rant. Talk to me… [email protected]

  43. I agree that this JAC knock off is probably better made and will definitely be more fuel efficient than any FORD. I’d love to buy AMERICAN but American cars/trucks don’t hold their value or have the same quality as Asian made vehicles ie. Toyota, Nissan,etc.
    Even Hyundai and KIA are making superior quality cars than FORD. FORD makes great high-end and muscle cars and trucks but the everyday cars and trucks don’t hold up and get poor gas mileage. *You guys that defend American cars obviously never owned a Toyota Tacoma or other Toyota vehicle. If you did, you’d see what a piece of sh*t and crappy gas efficiency you have in FORDS.

  44. ***Previous statements in the comments made by myself may or may not reflect my personal opinion, should not be considered as factual, it is the responsibility of any individual who reads my commentary to maintain their own mind, I cannot be held liable for any effects of my commentary as it is just text and clearly a rant.

  45. I did not have the time to read all the comments, I just think Ford should feel its a complement to have one of their own be copied! I Love my Fords! I own 2 currently. Hope I can afford to buy another new one before I retire!

  46. This isn’t about trucks.I just listened to Diane Sawyer telling that Obama has given big expensive bridge jobs to the chinese.Traitor

  47. This is exactly why we need Mitt Romney as our next President. He has promised to stop China from all the dirty deeds they have done against the US, including copying our products!

  48. This is exactly what Ford needs to do, put a lightweight 4 cylinder diesel in the base f-150. You should get near 40 mpg. Perfect for light hauling and town running deliveries. If the delivery van can do it with a 4 cyl diesel the pickup should do it also. I’d purchase some for my business guaranteed.

  49. I hate to say it,but. america soon will no longer be the super power it is. china is trading with all countrys, cuba, mexico,and all the world. some places don’t care who makes the truck. if it has a gas saving 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine they will buy it. FORD should put a 2.8 liter four cylinder diesel engine in there trucks. america will buy them. america did not learn from the 1970’s oil embargo. now we pay the price.

  50. If I am a guy with some money and I want to make stuff and get rich and provide for my family, why should I make stuff in this country? Why wouldn’t I make it in places where labor is cheap, people are willing to work hard and for longer hours without some union telling them they can’t work hard to get ahead, and where regulations are going to force me to spend money I don’t spend overseas? If it is so damn important to you that you have a factory job, or if you just don’t want to be part of the knowledge economy, there’s a very simple solution: move to China or India.

  51. The reason US auto makers are in such trouble are becuase of the scum of the earth unions.
    Abolish unions and american auto makers will be able to compete again.

  52. China, proves that it has not business ethics and wants/will dominate the manufacturing world. I wouldn’t buy a JAG truck if it was $5. They invent little, copy everything, and manufacture with slave labor pay….not sustainable!!!



  55. @JIM JIM, you sir are a mental unstable racist bastard, when you face is on the newspaper because you were slain, no one will cry.

  56. The chinese invented gun poweder, the compass, perfumes, papers, printing and almost everthing else the world can’t do without. Payback is hell, isn’t. LMAO!

  57. @Rommle, You are a racist faggot, the words coming out of your mouth makes me want to put my foot in it. I wonder what make a person like you so racist, is it your family? the TV shows you watch? or maybe its all the inbred? PS. The chineses invented papers, perfumes, gun powder, the compass, and printing. Too bad idiots like you would never have known anything about history and the saddest thing about people like you is that your allowed to have offsprings. Its ok we are know that China was a sleeping giant and when the giant awake its gonna move the world. Have you ever wonder why fine porcelains is called CHINA? LMAO! about how stupid some white trash like you actually think your smart because the people around you are as stupid as you are.

  58. @Jim, America makes the best trucks and cars, are you just now coming out from under a rock? The whole planet knows the Japaneses brand are the best and for you to speak about America made I would recommend that you go and look under the hood of many so called America made automobile, you will get your socks blown away knowing how many Japanese or import parts are inside your America made cars and trucks. LMAO! please stop opening your mouth your showing the rest of the world how stupid Americans Citizens are.

  59. @All America, You make me laugh so hard I may just poop. If you were to throw out all China made things in your house, you will have nothing left. The good news is racist people like you are dying out. Here my questtion how was America discover by an Italian explorer when there was already people living here? now do you see why the white people and especially the European natins do not want China to rise, because pay back is hell. PS. Please go and do read up on China Boxer rebellions and see for your self who’s the bad guys. All America have a great day and try not to burns too many white cross tonight. LMAO!

  60. To built car in China you have to have a partnership with a local car manufacture and you have to share your productions methods with the Chinese manufacture, that’s the law and that’s the way the Chinese will be ahead. The big three of Japan and the big three of America can’t help it if it want to sell and built cars in China. How can a comapany resist the temptation of 1.6 billion people. At the end of the day its all about making money regardless who’s monety it is. The best selling cars in China is the buicks. too bad most American are too stuopid to understand the value of the chineses consumer. They will soon figure it out that American cars are not as good as the Japaneses or the european cars in a matter of times.

  61. This group of posters has got to be the largest amount of RETARDS I have ever seen! Blatent racist comments against the Chineese – Check. Pathetic “buying chineese products is what killed america” ignorance – check. Stupid comments that only this company has every copied another automobile – check.

    OMG – many of you are the worste, uneducated, losers I have ever seen post – to any article!!!

    Fact- Auto manufactures copy each other all the time, including GM and Ford (and Toyota, and Nissan, and…). Emulating success is an actual business model – get used to it! a 108HP/128ft/lbs torque motor in a near full size truck? That is NOT a threat to Ford.

    Fact- America cost themselves their jobs – Just as Warren Buffet states, any business that fails to offer a unique product, yet charges premium labor to product that product will not survive. Maybe some of you should investigate why his company is called Birkshire Hathaway? That company is a garnment manufacturer which followed the business model above and went out of business in the US – a model he learned from 40 years ago, yet you moron’s cannot fathom today – so you still blame other countries for “Stealing” US jobs. Did you know that China is now losing those same jobs to Vienam? The cycle continues, proving the model Warrent Buffet learned from is correct. Sheesh… Now get mad at me for your problems…

  62. The Communist Chinese are copycats with ZERO Originality,and this cheap,underpowered “Knockoff” of the World’s Most Popular,BEST SELLING,Best Fuel Economy,Best Towing,and Toughest TRUCK the American Designed,Engineered,and Produced FORD F-150 will never threaten the REAL THING. It’s a sad commentary on the sorry state of the generic Communist country of China! DRIVE and BUY the REAL THING–America’s FORD F-150!!

  63. @Harry, bad news ford copy the first Toyota Tundra. Please go and check out a 2000 Tundra front suspension set up and then go and look at the new F150. TOYOTA’a are the finest and the best. All the new fords are rip off from other makes and just in case you didn’t know its been like that since the late 80’s. LOL!

  64. Sure LOVE my AMERICAN made CORVETTE. As I pass the slow, lowly bmws or OVERPRICED mercedes on our interstates I’m REMINDED that the BEST vehicles for the buck come from the USA. USA USA

  65. I haven’t read all of the comments here (sorry) maybe someone has already mentioned this.
    I live in Thailand and had the “misfortune” to buy a well known American branded laptop, which I subsequently discovered was made in China, which has been nothing but trouble,(other products also) ALL are of inferior quality to what we are all used to (and expect)in the West….until China gets its’ quality control in order, I don’t see their products as a any short-term threat, “once bitten, twice shy” is a motto that comes to mind… sorry if my spelling is different to yours, I am an English man

  66. That’s another crap from China!!!! They can’t invent anything under own brand, the only thing they can do is copying!!! Typical for Chinese!!! They have no idea what quality means so they replicate manufacturers from West. They can sell that shit on its own market without any right to export it into other markets particularly in Europe, keep the crap away from our market.

  67. Ha, not sure whether to laugh or cry (whilst laughing even harder). Sure it didn’t occur to any of you that Ford might have actually sold the rights (or whatever ii is called in lawyer jargon) for them to produce that truck? Also, what concerns me the most is the safety issue, or in other words, what happens if: 1) you have to brake real hard in an emergency situation, or 2) all else fails, it crashes.

  68. What are Americans … there is no such country … USA United States of America maybe, but no America as that is an abreviation for the Continent, just like many of the ill informed comments, that have come from some people here.
    Open your eyes to the world, and get off your arses, and dont complain about what is done in other countries, just get on with life and start doing it better than your new international competitors.
    Ford and GM could have been selling RHD vehicle to the rest of the world for many years, but dont really bother, and neither of then is interested in RHD which is about 30% of total vehicle sales … what happened to good marketing ? ………
    On the other side of the coin, Where do Ford and GM make there biggest profits, … in China of course, where they both have huge vehicle production and sales in the Chinese market …. notably now the biggest vehicle market in the world, and about 50% bigger than the total USA market.
    And who is the biggest diesel engine producer, … Cummins by a country mile.
    What about Mc Donalds / Burger King / KFC , and others combined with countless thousand of stores across China.
    What about Wallmart and Pizza Hut, Yes they are there too, with huge numbers of outlets.
    And what about just about every other USA company of any size or note, yes they are either there, or trying to get into China, and it is the money those companies make that subsidizes the USA mainland systems.
    USA citizens get real … we live in a world economy and it will get progressively more so in the coming years, so do not complain, just start making products that people and markets really want, and you can work your way out of recession.
    Change your banking and share trading systems to non greed based wage systems, without the bonuses for useless managerial staff, and you will start to get back to some good thinking, that rewards workers in strong profit making companies, by making those companies grow, and become competitive, and that keeps you in jobs, not out of them.
    Would I buy from the USA if you produced products that contained quality and at the right cost …. too danmed right I would.

  69. Didn’t Obama allow Chinese take over of Ford during his trip to US last year with a request for China to buy more treasury bonds ? Why does it matter to Americans if the Chinese have started producing something they own already ?

  70. The problem with American economy is really the ‘multi trillion dollar’ rip offs by Wall Street – a burden which comes back as a tax to repay LOANS to faceless borrowers.
    Even greater problem is the rampant ignorance in Americans. Perhaps a de-programming of American mind may solve the problem.
    Stop munching on the burger and fries and watching Super Bowl. There is no harm in using the brains.

  71. The only thing on the JAC that looks like the Ford F150 are the shape of the front lamps. I mean, the the back of the Citroen C5 does look like a Bimmer, so is Bimmer going to sue Citroen???

  72. No entiendo porque tanto lió,siempre se imita lo bueno aunque nunca sera mejor siempre dependiendo de la evolución de cada uno,y el echo no es que lo fabrique China Malasia Egipto o etc,hay que aprender a volvernos mas competitivos.

  73. The main Problem I have with this article is not that china is coping the F150 its ( from reading the article) Ford does not seem to be offering to sell the trucks to china. it appears that would get more Americans working if this is the case not only with Ford but with the big three in General, we have a real problem here… think of the Jobs from those sales to china.. I wonder what else we are not selling and to whom?

  74. I love the Chinese. They are principled Capitalists. That is, they stick to Capitalism and let other, lesser and more idiotic free market economies screw themselves into oblivion. Like the USA. Unions suck and that is a large part of it. But not THE largest part. LAZY PEOPLE is our problem. Think about it. Ever hear protests from employers about how damn lazy their workers are? But we all know the truth: many are just out to get paid for as little as they can get away with.

  75. Garbage. Will not make it to 20k miles without falling apart. Resale value = 0. Oh and how would you like it taking 30 seconds to get to 70mph to merge with traffic. Walk far, far away when you see this thing.

  76. I’d buy a Ford F150 Diesel. Wait, there isn’t one. Ok I’d buy a Ford Ranger Diesel. Wait, there only sold offshore. Guess I’ll wait for one from China or India. They know what I want.

    I want a work truck. You know, like the granny geared 4 and 6 cyl models of yesteryear. WTF is it with all the giant trucks that are more luxurious and will outrun cars? Get off the 90 mph freeway folks and go back to work.

  77. I’m a Chinese guy but I love Ford! I always buy americans and I was driving Ford Super Duty when I was in Canada!!! Built Ford Tough!!! Not every Chinese are the same, at least I’m not one of them! I know that almost everything made in china is nothing but junk…… I’m backing you guys up! I’m going to buy another Ford Super Duty, a brad new one in China because I love it so much! Don’t be mad at me all you GM guys please… Made in America, Built to last!!! Hurra!!

  78. First off.. Hats off to Wally.

    “Power comes from a ‘HFC4DA1-2B1′ 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine that poops out 108hp and 240nm”

    LOL!! Why even bother with these idiots?.. 108hp…… if you buy a truck of that size with that itty bitty engine, you are an idiot and seriously need a reality check… what are you going to tow? or even haul?… an empty trailer? or a sofa?.. Who the hell makes a truck that cannot do any truck functions?… oh yeah.. JAG..

    Now for all the other morons that don’t understand it.. many of us Americans.. have these things we call toys, such as 23ft boats and RV’s, AKA 5th wheelers and horses and snowmobiles and Jet Ski’s etc… where a person such as myself will absolutely push 6.7L Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel engine to its max. Yes, I need that 800ft lb of torque. Here in America, we work hard and we play hard and you have to pay to play. Hate us or love us, its the way it is. So sure go ahead keep on going with the Anti-American garbage that some of you are spouting out. Jealousy sure burns, doesn’t it?

    Anyways, it’s almost the 4th. I’m going to take my 2500HD and put my 23′ boat in the water and enjoy the sun and watch the fireworks while drinking an ice cold one.

    Remember Kids.. You can polish a turd.. but in the end.. its still a turd.


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