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Keep the Children at Home: a civilian Xiaolong XL2060L from China

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The Xialong XL2060L ‘Fierce Dragon’ is a monstrous Hummer-size military spec off-road vehicle that is used by the Chinese army in various versions, it is made by a company called Xiaolong Auto from the great city of Wuhan in Hubei Province. Chinese media reports that Xiaolong Auto is planning a civilian version of the XL2060 for 1 million yuan or 160.000 US dollar.

civilian Xiaolong XL2060L from China

The military version at a ceremony. Price for a base-army Xialong is 1 million yuan as well, but that is without armor and machine-guns. When the civilian version will be listed is yet unsure, but I guess Xiaolong Auto will bring something to the Beijing Auto Show in April.

civilian Xiaolong XL2060L from China

No doubt there will be a market for it, rich Chinese car buyers are still snapping up Hummers from the US via grey import channels. 1 million actually seems on the cheap side, Xiaolong better ask some more money otherwise the rich might think it is a workers car.

civilian Xiaolong XL2060L from China

Size: 5137x2250x1950, wheelbase is 1450. Engine is a China-made Steyr 3.2 liter 6-cylinder diesel with a not too strong 135kw. Curb weight is 3600kg. Fuel consumption: 20 liters of diesel for 100km. Top speed is 115 km/h, it has 4×4 and is fully waterproof which will be handy in you live in Shanghai, it raining all the time out there…

Via: 163.com.

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  1. For a vehicle that is around 3 tonnes, it had an engine of only 135kw (roughly 181 bhp), it is a joke. The original Humvee H1 had an engine of 190 bhp and people are already complaining that the engine was too under power. Looked like China is still not capable in building more powerful engines.


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