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Spotted in China: Shandong Dayang E-Bike

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Last Sunday was sunny so I made a walk through Beijing’s old alley’s, called hutongs. There in one street I found this very funny vehicle. When I came home I found it what is was. This is a Shandong Dayang E-bike, made by Shandong Dayang Automotive Industry from the great city of Jining in Shandong Province. As the name suggest, this E-Bike is a small electric three-wheel bicycle with a plastic cover on top.

Shandong Dayang E-Bike

This great green vehicle’s full name is ‘Shandong Dayang SDDY DY-102 E-Bike closed electric tricycle’. That might look like a long name but in Chinese it is much shorter: 山东大阳 SDDY DY-102 E-Bike 全封闭电动三轮车. Well, what did I say?

Shandong Dayang E-Bike

Note lock. When your friend are close… Size: 0.99 meter long (probably has to do with some tax law) and 0.8 meter high. It can seat three people, one driver and two passengers at the bench in the back. Power comes from a 350w ‘drum brake motor’ that powers the rear wheels. Range is 30 to 45 km, depending on how crazy you go. Top speed sadly unknown.  Price for all this pretty: 4800 yuan, or 760 USD.

Shandong Dayang E-Bike

Interior very basic indeed, but it’ll do what it does. This sorta vehicle is very rare to see in the big Chinese cities, they usually stay in the countryside bumping pigs of the road. They used to be all petrol-powered and stink all their way to the farm and back. There are thousands of small factories in China that make this kind of bikes, some have nowadays gone electric and since then some brands have become kinda ‘accepted’ in some bigger cities. This green baby however was the very first Dayang I ever saw in Beijing.

Checked Shandong Dayang’s website. They introduce their company in a typical Chines way with a lotta Big words. Google-tanslated, but good enough:

“First, our glorious tradition. Looking at the world, to create a better future. Sincere love of the electric car industry has poured all the hard work. Care is our eternal philosophy, and we look forward to sincere cooperation with you, and innovation, brilliant!”

We dig that. They make many different electric vehicles, but also this:

The DSC04350 ‘Elderly Shopping Cart’. It can carry the groceries, it can be used for leaning when walking and for sitting when tired. When I get old, I want one, if I can still remember it then…

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  1. Looks like Zap has a cheaper competition for the zebra.. No wonder no Zaps being seen in china, they don’t need them!


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