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The Youngman-Lotus L5 loox almost good in matte black

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Here we have a very mean looking Youngman-Lotus L5 in matte black and some shiny lime-green standing on big racy wheels. The whole set almost makes this L5 a good looking car. The standard L5 is a rather boring vehicle based on the Malaysian Proton Gen2 and made in China by Youngman Automotive, the same outfit that still wants to buy Saab.

Youngman-Lotus L5

Standard L5, well, what did I say? Power comes from a Proton Campro ‘S4PH’ 4-cylinder engine with 123hp and 149nm. The Campro-engines were developed with help from Lotus Engineering. Lotus and Lotus Engineering are both part of the Proton empire. Lotus engineering also helped Youngman with developing the L5.

Youngman-Lotus L5

If this was on the market I am sure Yougman would sell a bit more than the few thousand a month it sells now down south, here up north around Beijing the L5 is virtually unknown.

Youngman-Lotus L5

Lime-green, matte black and red. Those wheels are good!

Via: MOP.

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