Ferrari 458 Italia crashes during test drive in China

Ferrari 458 Italia crash

It is a sad day when a Ferrari goes away. Here we have a very crashed Ferrari 458 Italia painted in ultra hip dual-tone that crashed just outside the great city of Shanghai during a test drive with the potential customer at the wheel. He better buy a Volvo!

Ferrari 458 Italia crash

No plates on the Ferrari. Driver lost control in wet conditions and hit a barrier on the side of the road. Crash happened about a week ago and this indeed is the second Ferrari crash in Shanghai within a short time. No cheapie it ain’t either, price for the 458 starts at 3.88 million yuan or 613.000 USD.

Via: Weibo.

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A stupid question out of curiosity … in this case, who will bear the responsibility and cover the cost of damage?

el guille



this wasn’t in shanghai,notice the GREEN cab at the photo!


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