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Crash Time China! Aston Martin Rapide hits Audi Q5

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I feel sad, when an Aston gets bad. Big crash today near Xinyuan Qiao in Beijing. An Aston Martin Rapide collided with a FAW-Volkswagen Audi Q5. Both cars were severely damaged but fortunately nobody get very hurt. The accident happened near an entrance of the 4th Ring Road, it seems likely some driver was looking in the wrong direction…

Aston Martin Rapide hits Audi Q5

The left front side of the Rapide is basically gone, cars must have hit on eachother with some passion. Police is still investigating the cause of the accident. Whatever that might be, the driver of the Aston has a problem because the Rapide has no license plates and that means it is not insured.

Aston Martin Rapide hits Audi Q5

The Rapide costs 3.7 million yuan in China, or 586.000 USD. The locally made Audi Q5 is a bargain, price starts at just 383.000 yuan, making the Aston almost 10 times more expensive.

Aston Martin Rapide hits Audi Q5

Via: Xcar.

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  1. Wow, I passed by that crash today. I saw the Audi, didn’t see the Austin. It was damaged so bad I thought it was a Porsche. Either way, not big loss on that side! but the poor Rapide! that won’t buff out.


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