Huanghai Dachai Shenzhizun Extreme Edition pickup truck launched in China

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Huanghai Automobile has launched a new pickup truck. This is the Dachai Shenzhizun Extreme Edition, based on the standard Dachai Shenzhizun. The Extreme Edition brings more luxury and sportiness, Huanghai hopes to sell some to the young ‘n cool interested in outdoor-sports and other cool activities that require some extra open space.

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Another activity that comes to mind is… farming, which is becoming increasingly popular among wealthy youths here in Beijing. They rent a plot of land in the countryside and drive out there in the weekends to do some farm work in a recreational way. For the rest of the week they rent a real farmer to keep the land in shape. Now back to the Dachai Shenzhizun Extreme Edition.

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Huanghai pickup truck

Even though a special edition it is still very cheap. Price starts at 79.800 yuan and ends at 129.800 yuan. The standard Dachai starts at some 60.000 yuan. Engines: Mitsubishi-sourced 2.4 patrol, yez that engine!, with 142hp and 200nm, or a 3.2 diesel with 107hp and 245nm. . Size: 5560/1850/1760, wheelbase is 3500. Size of the bed: 1805/1590/530.

Huanghai Qisheng China

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The Dachai Shenzhizun is also forms the base for this Qisheng SUV, better known abroad as the Landscape V1, not to be confused with the Landscape V3, which is by the way also based on the Dachai Shenzhizun. The Qisheng is kinda famous because it loox a lot like the old Benz ML. Chinese car buyers are very much aware of that…

Huanghai pickup truck

Well, not a bad looking machine at all. Very cheap and its bed is big enough for a few bags of strawberries or a goat. Hard to resist for wannabe farmers indeed…

Via: Autohome.

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  1. The Qisheng is said to be of a Kia Sorento-based unibody construction. If this matching pickup is also unibody, I wonder how worthy of those farm tasks it will be. Interesting that Huanghai calls their SUVs, CUVs which I’m gonna guess means City Utility Vehicles. That in turn implies that they are not designed for off-road tasks.
    All that said, could the Dachai pickup be full frame like Huanghai’s other pickups? I wonder.

  2. Definately a Kia Sorrento copy or clone. The Sorrento was not a unibody car. It had a full frame. I always wondered why Kia just never made a truck from it a few years back. Now I know what it would have looked like.

  3. Thanks for the clarification Greg. After posting I realized that this isn’t a Honda Ridgeline type truck, and clearly has a separate bed. My bad.
    In view of current trends I am surprised that the Sorento is full frame.

  4. A Sorento pickup would not have a market…the new unibody Sorento is a big success but te first gen was body on frame, a very attractive SUV. Here it just looks cheap with a fake Mercedes style grille…that pickup just looks awful. Its like a Kia/Isuzu copy


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