Pickup Truck China

Radar RD6 4WD pickup to have similar acceleration as Tesla Cybertruck, CEO says

Radar RD6 EV pickup truck from Geely with 4WD will enter the domestic market in Q2 2024.

BYD pickup truck patent pictures leak, to launch by the end of the year

BYD's F150 to hit the market soon. Is there any car segment left BYD didn't tap into?

BYD’s F-brand electric pickup spy shots reveal a massive logo on the grille

BYD is entering the electric pickup truck market.

Dongfeng Rich 6 EV Pickup Truck Launched On The Chinese Car Market For $40,000

The Rich 6 EV is an electric pickup truck with rear-wheel drive and 177 hp.

Great Wall Shanhai Canon 6×6 Is The Most Badass Chinese Pickup Truck

The Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 is so boring.

Changan Lantazhe Pickup Truck Pre-Sales Started At 14,160 USD

The Changan Lantazhe is a mid-size pickup truck with 233 horses, all-wheel drive, and a starting price of 14,160 USD. Let's get to know it better.

Radar R6 Electric Pickup Truck From All Sides In China

The Radar RD6 is probably one of the hottest new cars in China in 2022. Happily, we have a whole lot of new pics...

Changan Revealed New Off-Road Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks gain traction in China as the government relaxes registration conditions for them. A lot of local manufacturers break into this segment. Recently,...

Dongfeng Warrior M18 With Over 1000 HP Rolls Off Production Line In China

The Dongfeng Warrior M18 prototype car rolled off the production line in China. It is a full-size NEV SUV with up to 1,070 hp...

Move Over Cyber Thingy – The Sany Electric Pickup Truck Is More Badass Than You

Sany is a large Chinese truck and construction equipment maker. They are going into electric pickup trucks and they are going in hot, Cybertruck-melting...