Lamborghini Gallardo in matte-black from China

Lamborghini Gallardo in matte-black from China

Here we have a very fine Lamborghini Gallardo in matte-black. As you might see, these pics are stills taken from a television screen. This Lamborghini is indeed very famous, it plays a lead-role in the very popular Chinese soap-opera ‘Flying Pigeons‘. The story is about young and kinda cool people living in a big city, it is sorta comparable with ‘Sex in the City’, but with Chinese characteristics such as the importance of the extended family and such and such.

Lamborghini Gallardo in matte-black from China

I have seen one episode of Flying Pigeons and didn’t like it, at all. My Chinese girlfriend doesn’t like it either, she rather watches Taiwanese soap opera’s over the web because there is more sex-talking in those, China is still very conservative in that respect. Anyway and how, the matte-black Lambo loox fantastic and is therefore a great addition to our Gallardo collection: : gold, pink,  another pink, lime-green, one  in gold, one purple, another purple and because it looks so good a standard-orange Spyder Performante.

Flying Pigeon, the cast.

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