Spy Shots: Greenfield BO90 SUV

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Thank everybody for correcting us on this one! This is the very first spy shot of the new Greenfield BO90 SUV. Greenfield (绿野), not to be confused with Greenwheel, is a new Chinese car company. Its full name is ‘Zhejiang Greenfield Automobile Corporation’, they are based in the ‘Zhejiang Hangzhou Bay Shangyu Industrial Park’ near the city of Shaoxing in Zhejiang Province.

The BO90 has been under development since June 2010, the above pic was taken in September 2011 during a trial run of the new 2.8 billion yuan factory. Production however has not started yet because Greenfield so far failed to secure permission from the government to make cars, which is necessary in China.

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Greenfield BO90 SUV

The BO90 loox a lot like the recently launched Jinbei S30, this is mainly so because both vehicles are designed TJ Innova, a Chinese design company. Both vehicles are also based on the same ‘super platform’ designed again by TJ Innova. The BO90 will be powered by a 1.5 liter patrol engine but according to one of the comments an electrical engine is also under development. Price for the patrol version is expected to start around 60.000 yuan, that is, if it hits the market. Chinese media seem to think it will, but they don’t know when exactly.

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Greenfield BO90 SUV

Greenfield has launched a sorta website, their homepage is still empty but they have an ‘about‘ working which interestingly states, among other things, that Greenwheel (yez that one again) is one of their suppliers, likely for electric power plants. On Greenfield’s website some more pics of the BO90:

Greenfield BO90 SUV

Via: Sohu.com, Carjob.

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  1. Yes, TJI designed this as well as the Jinbei S30 based off of the same platform, namingly known as the “super platform”. And just FYI: the company is called GreenField in English which is located in Shangyu/Shaoxin, the model is called BO90, not B”zero”90.

  2. Greenwheel is a different company, different logo, different address. This company is called GREENFIELD according their website (Lüye). The Greenfield BO90 is a clear copy of the Jinbei S30, sizes the same, look at the side view!
    Black and white photo is made in September 2011, when they made some trail products. They have also a small motor car under development. The main reason they can’t produce is that they have no authorisation. They are dealing with Mianyang Huairou (where the S30 is made!)for licensing help.
    Yes, I suppose it is TJ Innova who designed the SUV, as the TJ Innova logo is on the Greenfield website.

  3. I have seen both the S30 and the BO90, in person, side by side. Needless to reiterate about the striking resemblance between the two, but I personally think the BO90 is a better looking vehicle overall, with more sleek lines and a much more aggressive-looking front, just looks like it belongs in the 21st century more.


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