Chery Fengyun is a seven-seater in China

Published on July 28, 2012 by Tycho de Feijter

Chery Fengyun

The Chery Fengyun is a small family car that normally seats 4 adults and a baby, which is enough in most cases. But if you really want a Fengyun can carry more as we can see on this picture taken in the suburbs of Shanghai. Just open the back and it seats seven! How ingenious indeed…

Chery Fengyun

The Chery Fengyun is based on the ancient Seat Toledo. Chery bought the production line for the Seat Toledo in 1998 when production ended in Spain. The whole line was shipped to China and production of the Fengyun started in 1999. Production of the Qiyun, basically a facelifted Fengyun, continues until today. Chery also designed a stretched version of the Fengyun, which was the cheapest ‘limousine’ on sale in China in its days.

Pics via: DaGang.

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  1. Dave- July 31, 2012 Reply

    I once had a Plymouth Sundance, which is also a hatchback that looks like a sedan/saloon. I think that’s a good idea. A lot of car markets don’t like cars that look like hatchbacks, but cars below a certain size especially really benefit from being a hatchback.

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