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Chery Fengyun series is back with the all-new A9 PHEV sedan

Fengyun was once an ICE sedan product line under Chery launched in 2001, but the series was discontinued in 2016.

Spotted in China: the stretched Chery Fengyun SQR7160 EL

A rare find on an auto market just east of the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. This is the Chery Fengyun SQR7160 EL, the...

Chery Fengyun is a seven-seater in China

The Chery Fengyun is a small family car that normally seats 4 adults and a baby, which is enough in most cases. But if...

China Car History: the stretched Chery Fengyun limousine

It is still May-day holiday in China, the Beijing Auto Show is still ongoing so there ain't much new news. Time so for China...