Chery Fulwin E06 is a new SUV for China, available in PHEV and EV

Chery rebranded Fulwin as a new energy vehicle series in September 2023.

Chery officially re-launched the Fengyun series, unveiled Fengyun A9 and T11 concept cars

Fengyun was Chery's first sedan in 1999. Now, Chery is rebranding Fengyun as a new energy vehicle series.

Chery Fengyun A8 PHEV official pics revealed in China, has 1,400 km range

The Fengyun A8 may be the first mass-produced model under the Fengyun series that was brought back last month by Chery. Top speed is 185 km/h.

Fengyun T9 plug-in hybrid SUV is rebadged Tiggo 9 with 1,321 km range

The Fengyun T9 is expected to enter the market in the fourth quarter of this year, has up to 1,321 km comprehensive range.

Chery Fengyun series is back with the all-new A9 PHEV sedan

Fengyun was once an ICE sedan product line under Chery launched in 2001, but the series was discontinued in 2016.

Spotted in China: the stretched Chery Fengyun SQR7160 EL

A rare find on an auto market just east of the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing. This is the Chery Fengyun SQR7160 EL, the...

Chery Fengyun is a seven-seater in China

The Chery Fengyun is a small family car that normally seats 4 adults and a baby, which is enough in most cases. But if...

China Car History: the stretched Chery Fengyun limousine

It is still May-day holiday in China, the Beijing Auto Show is still ongoing so there ain't much new news. Time so for China...