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Ford F650 Limousine is Big in China

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Here we have a gigantic Ford F650 Limousine seen in Beijing by reader & serial spotter Navigator84. This monster is at least 20 meters long and likely used for parties, like, lalala, marriages! The Ford F650 is relatively unknown in China and Ford doesn’t officially export it, all come in via the lucrative gray market. Shipping this giant over the Pacific needed a big boat.

Ford F650 Limousine is Big in China

The F650 is powered by a 6.7 liter Cummins diesel or a 6.8 liter Modular V10 gas engine. Both fine power plants for a vehicle like this. What exactly powers this white example I sadly can’t say for sure. It will be registered as a truck in China which means the diesel is most likely. We did see one other F650 in China before at a dealer in Tianjin, that one was powered by the V10 and therefore basically unmovable since gas is a rare commodity at gas stations in China.

Ford F650 Limousine is Big in China

Good automachine!

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