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Spotted in China: Beijing-Jeep Super Cherokee

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This is a rare Beijng-Jeep Super Cherokee, a dressed up variant of the Beijing-Jeep Cherokee that was made in China by the Beijing-Jeep joint venture from 1984 until 2009. The Super Cherokee came with the high roof, a roof rack, extra thick bumpers, sporty wheels and standard 4×4. Bull bar was optional but almost everybody took it.

Spotted in China: Beijing-Jeep Super Cherokee

The Super Cherokee was made from 2004 to 2006. It was available with both the 2.5 four-cylinder and the 4.0 six-in-line. This great army-green example I met in Beijing a few days ago was a 2.5.

Spotted in China: Beijing-Jeep Super Cherokee

Over the years the joint venture made many special editions, such as the ‘City Special’ (I got one of those!), the Flying Tiger, the Sport and this Super Cherokee. These days the 6-cylinder models are highly sought after, going up in price fast to some 100.000 yuan or almost 16.000USD. A perfect 4-cylinder goes for about 50.000 yuan, but even here values for the top-spec cars are going up! The good old Beijing-Jeep has finally become something of an icon…

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  1. I believe the ‘Super’ is about 10″ longer than the US Cherokee, but not wider.

    I want to know where I can get parts from these … used, new, are there junk yards in China? will they ship ???


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