Six Ferrari Supercars in One Shot in China

Published on March 26, 2013 by W.E. Ning

Six Ferrari Supercars in One Shot in China

A stunning shot of six Ferrari supercars parked in line in an underground parking lot in the great city of Foshan in Guangdong Province. Click on Pic for Big™. The vehicles are all brandnew and belong to a local Ferrari dealer. The line consists of four Ferrari 458 Spiders (white, yellow and two red), one Ferrari FF, and one Ferrari California. Let’s count money and horses: 4 x 4.43 million, plus 3.48 million plus 5.3 million = 26.5 million yuan or 4.2 million USD. A little bit of money, but a lotta power: 4 x 570 plus 455 plus 651 = 1106 wild Italian horses! Come drive, in Foshan…

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