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Spy Shots: Besturn B30 sedan seen testing in China

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Spy Shots: Besturn B30 sedan seen testing in China

These are the very first pictures of the Besturn B30, a new entry-level sedan for FAW’s Besturn brand, it will be launched on the Chinese car market in 2014. The Besturn B30 will be based on the old (or is it?) Volkswagen Bora which was made by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture.

Spy Shots: Besturn B30 sedan seen testing in China

The old Bora, it was replaced by the new Bora in December last year. Price started around 90.000 yuan when new. The Besturn B30 will be significantly cheaper, starting around 60.000 yuan. The Besturn B30 will be powered by the rather ancient 1.6 liter four cylinder with 106hp and 155nm, mated to a 5-speed manual.

Spy Shots: Besturn B30 sedan seen testing in China

So here we have it; another FAW product based on an old chassis with an old engine. It is hard to see why FAW thinks this will be a success. All Besturn-branded cars are based on Mazda or Volkswagen platforms, and powered by a mix of Mazda, Volkswagen and FAW engines. The ensuing mess is not helping the brand very much at all.

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  1. Here’s a brilliant idea, take all that money that everyone knows you have and develop a modular platform/architecture. That way you take the B30, B50, B70, B90, X80, all the Haimas and maybe some of the higher end Tiajin models and have them all be based on one. Oh, and kill off Oley, and some of the other brands, you have too many.


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