The Best body kit ever for a Toyota Reiz

The Best body kit ever for a Toyota Reiz

This must be the best body kit ever for a Toyota Reiz. The brilliant vehicle was seen at a second hand car shop in a suburb of the great city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. The kit consists of a racy Formula-1 style nose, a bonnet with a huge power bulge, side skirts, fake air inlets in front of the rear wheels, a giant diffuser-sorta thing at the back, and Pink wheels.


The 2010 Toyota Reiz was made in China by the FAW-Toyota joint venture. Did they ever think…


…. somebody would make the Reiz this pretty? Fake side pipes are good!


Head lights in green for contrast with black bodywork and pink wheels.


A bit Knight Rider here. We have seen some more customized Reizzes, though they all together ain’t as extreme as this Guangzhou car. Check: orangeXiali N3, lowrider, blue-pink, zebra, black & white, and with very big balls.


As far as we know there is only one Reiz like this; sadly indeed.

8 thoughts on “The Best body kit ever for a Toyota Reiz”

  1. I just can’t imagine the owner standing back and looking at this and thinking ‘I did well with my car’…

  2. The owner is obviously perpetually drunk and color blind, which really should have disqualified him from owning a car.

  3. If your going to make something look this horrible you can’t just stop there. It still needs a big rear wing and unrelated decals such as Nismo, Mugen or Mercedes plastered all over it.

  4. I passed a guy in an old mazda 6 that had been relabeled a nissan GTR. I honked and gave him a big wink as I passed him. Why make your car seem even more retarded?

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