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Transporting Venucia vehicles the Chinese Way

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A giant truck carrying over 12 brand new Venucia vehicles, seen not far from the CarNewsChina.com office towers in central Beijing. Transporting cars parked alongside each other on top of a truck is very common in China, but officially not allowed, but nobody cares.


The truck was in the process of unloading, there is a Nissan dealer nearby.  Venucia is a sub-brand of the Dongfeng-Nissan joint venture, the cars on the truck are the Venucia R50 hatchback and the Venucia D50 sedan.


Then I met the driver, he wanted me to take his photo, so I did. He complained he had been waiting the whole day for those laze Beijing workers to finish unloading his truck. He told me the top deck could fit another four vehicles, and the lower deck normally fitted seven. I sure asked him whether he didn’t think transporting cars like this was a bit dangerous. He looked at me like I was mad…

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