Chinese police confiscates Lamborghini Aventador replica

Chinese police confiscates Lamborghini Aventador replica

Police in the Chinese city of Chongqing confiscated a Lamborghini Aventador replica. The baby blue vehicle (hey!) is based on a second generation Hyundai Coupe and was modified with a kit costing 2000 yuan (326 USD). The owner of the car, a certain Mr. Leng, was trying to sell the car in a busy Chongqing shopping street, where it attracted unwanted attention of the coppers…


The vehicle was confiscated because it was illegally modified and because it didn’t have license plates. The law on modifications on cars is very strict in China, but rarely enforced. However, when one parks a heavily modified vehicle in a busy shopping street the police will have no choice but to act.

The law is like this: when someone buys a new car he will get a so called ‘blue book’ from the China Vehicle Inspection. The blue book shows the basic data and a picture of the car. Any changes to the car compared to that picture are illegal.


Clearly different…


Mr. Leng will get an 800 yuan fine (130 USD) and a twelve point (out of 20) deduction of his driving license. He will get his car back after he pays the fine, but sadly without the Lambo-kit.


Not too bad for a kit, an the babes are interested.


Baby blue Hyundaventador taken by the law.

Via: RJR, Shanghaiist,

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Ugh…better keep it as a Hyundai…


I have problem to believe that kit cost only 2000RMB even in China that would be way too cheap