Volkswagen Sagitar is Pinkish in China

Volkswagen Sagitar is Pinkish in China

A very sweet Volkswagen Sagitar sedan, Spotted in China in Fenghuang County in Hunan Province by reader Hijiacker, thank you for the pictures! The good Volkswagen was wrapped in a Pinkish wrap and further sexed up by darkened windows and sporty five-spoke alloys. The wrap is rather subtle for China where shiny is the norm, but loox good on Sagitar nonetheless.


The wrap seems to be of high quality and neatly covers the bumpers, mirrors and door handles. This particular car is a first generation Sagitar, it was manufactured in China by the FAW-Volkswagen joint venture and based on the Euro-spec Volkswagen Jetta A5. The current Volkswagen Sagitar is based on the US Volkswagen Jetta. The first gen Sagitar was not a very exciting car so exciting people didn’t buy it, which sadly means we don’t see many modified examples. So far we only got one; a matte-black glitter Sagitar in Beijing. May there be more!

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