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This is the new Ford Escort for the China car market

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The first photos of the production version of the new Ford Escort, seen here during a rehearsal for its debut tomorrow on the Beijing Auto Show. The new Ford Escort will be manufactured in China by the Chang’an-Ford joint venture, it will be positioned between the Ford Focus and the Ford Mondeo.


The new Ford Escort is based on the current China-made Ford Focus Classic, which is a slightly dressed up second generation Ford Focus. The Ford Escort will technically replace the Ford Focus Classic and will be positioned under the current third generation Ford Focus. The Chinese name is ‘Furuisi’ (福睿斯), and power will come from 1.5 and 1.5 turbo gasoline engines.




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  1. As a journalist I am astonished that Car News China has posted pictures from a Auto show rehearsal.

    Journalists are invited to press events2, not to rehearsals. Car manufacturers should be given the courtesy of being able to rehearse their executives and prepare, light and detail their vehicles which they have put billions of dollars investment into before we the media get our turn, not have some low life poat rehearsal photos.

    If I were the organiser I would be imposing strict penalties on Car News for this dirty behaviour in respect of all of us ‘respectable’ journalists who get our stories though hard work, not through low life tactics and serious breach of trust.


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