Spy Shots: Citroen C-XR SUV testing in China

Spy Shots: Citroen C-XR SUV testing in China

The very first spy shots of the new Citroen C-XR SUV testing in China. The Citroen C-XR debuted as a concept on the 2014 Beijing Auto Show last month. Debut of the production version is expected for the Guangzhou Auto Show in December with a launch on the China car market in early 2015.


The Citroen CX-R Concept on the Beijing Auto Show.


The Citroen C-XR was developed in China for production at the Dongfeng-PSA joint venture. It is basically the same vehicle as the Citroen DS 6WR, but sportier and cheaper and aimed at a younger audience.

The DS 6WR will be manufactured Changan-PSA, PSA’s other joint venture in China. Spreading the platform over two different joint ventures underpinning two different cars saves money but risks diluting the so carefully built DS-brand.

The Citroen C-XR will get the same engines as the DS 6WR: a 1.6 turbo with 200hp and 275nm, the 1.6 turbo with 163hp and 240nm, and a 1.8 with 139hp and 170nm.


Not a DS, this one.

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  1. Hmmm..to be confirmed, but in my understanding, the CX-R is supposed to share its plattform with its cousin, the Peugeot 2008, equally manufactured by DPCA.

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