FAW launches Junpai brand in China

FAW launches Junpai brand in China

First Auto Works (FAW) has launched a new passenger car brand in China. The new brand is called ‘Junpai’ (骏派) in Chinese and ‘Jumper’ in English. The brand will use the standard FAW logo, see top-right. The first Junpai car is the upcoming FAW Junpai D60, formerly known as the FAW Xiali T102.

Next up are a small SUV, a compact SUV, and a compact sedan. The latter is likely the vehicle currently known as the ‘Besturn B30‘. FAW recently said there will be no Besturn-branded car below the current Besturn B50, indicating the B30 project will be transferred to the new Junpai brand.

One thought on “FAW launches Junpai brand in China”

  1. It may take more than a new brand name for FAW Xiali to jump out of its present slump.
    Is this, first of the Junpais, the T012 crossover seen at the Beijing show in April?

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