On the Road and Away


Hello good Readers,

we are on the road and away, so sadly there ain’t much time to write. We are on a trip to the east, big endless cities and such, on trains and boats the whole of day and some of night, probably tinkering a tad too much in the process. In this and a many ways we and I have gone fishing. We will be out there for a while, so please wish us a big catch. Your support will be hugely appreciated.

More importantly!, we also have a quiz here. The first Reader who can guess which car is pictured on the above photo wins a honorable mention on CarNewsChina.com (!!!). Hint: it is a big badass monster. Hint 2: I shot this earlier today, in heavy rain (so make sure to check your local weather report).

Best, take care, take cars, and attack all difficulties with a stiff smile.




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