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Zotye Yun 100 EV will hit the Chinese auto market on October 24

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The new Zotye Yun 100 EV will hit the Chinese auto market on October 24. The Yun 100 EV is an electric vehicle based on the Zotye Z100 petrol powered mini car. Yun (云) means ‘Cloud’, and that is to express green.


The dash is fitted with a large screen which will show the electric wizardry. Power comes from an electric motor with 24hp and 120nm, fed by electricity provided by a lithium battery. Top speed is 85 kilometers per hour and range is 150 kilometer.  A full charge on 220V takes 6 to 8 hours, or 1 hour for 80% battery on a 380V fast charger.


Buyers can spec the Yun 100 is various frivolous color schemes. White grille yeah. Price for all this pretty will start around 50.000 yuan including subsidies, and that is a fat 20.000 yuan more than the Z100 with a 68hp 1.0 petrol.

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  1. This EV, not completely new, as it was already introduced in some local market around one year ago, is worthy to be successfull.
    The price is very competitive and it can be comparable with the one of the low speed EV sold in almost 200.000 units per year in Shandong and other provinces, but with a superior quality and higher speed.
    Zotye has found it’s way to survive in the car maker becaming a specialized manufacturer of small EV. The model “bean EV” has sold around 3000 pcs this year. The Z100 EV looks to complete the range of small city car with electric powertrain and competitive price.
    Now the last word id to the central government that should allow this kind of vehicles to get incentives and tax exemption .
    If this will happen the success of the small Zotye EV will be sure.


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