Chery eQ EV will hit the Chinese auto market on November 5

Chery eQ EV will hit the Chinese auto market on November 5

The brand new Chery eQ will be launched on the Chinese auto market on November 5, price will start around 50.000 yuan including all subsidies, and that will make the eQ one of the cheapest electric cars available in country. The Chery eQ is an electric vehicle based on the Chery QQ minicar.


The electric motor delivers 57hp and 150nm. Battery is lithium-ion. Range is 200 kilometer. Charging takes 8-10 hours for a full charge on 220V. No other specs available for now.


The instrument panel is completely digital.


The gear lever is extremely cool. And we LOVE the cigarette lighter. Cleaning up the air with a coal-fired electric vehicle while chain smoking at the wheel. Earlier on we saw a similar lighter on the new BYD S7 which is also equipped with a build-in PM2.5  air purifier.


Let’s light up another Chery eQ EV.

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marco loglio

a very nice car with good performances and competitive price.
I wish a great success to this new e QQ.
I also wish that the diffusion of this good EV will be not obstacled by local government protectionism that at this moment are drastically influencing the diffusion of the best EVs in the market.
An EV like this should get incentives and be supported all over the country .


Well, its not made by Chery. German technology inside and german company made it.. At Chery are people not able to do something of they own. Such as design token from PSA Toyota, well lets say a copy. For such a bad quality is the price to high.


Transmission control is same as the late Coda.


already have a new Fan in Uruguay. Waiting for thie electric model.. good luck Chery EQ EV . I´ll be waiting for you…