Beijing Auto Senova EV200 will hit the Chinese car market on December 12

Published on December 4, 2014 by W.E. Ning

Beijing Auto Senova EV200 will hit the Chinese car market on December 12

This is the new Beijing Auto Senova EV200, an electric vehicle based on the Beijing Auto Senova D20 hatchback. The Senova EV 200 will be launched on the Chinese car market on December 12. Price, after green-car subsidies from central and local governments, will start around 130.000 yuan and end around 160.000 yuan ($21.125 – 26.000). Total subsidy on the EV200 is about 90.000 yuan ($14.600). Note blue grille; blue is the new green.


The drivetrain of the Senova EV200 is developed by the Beijing Auto New Energy Automobile Corporation, a subsidiary of Beijing Auto. The electric motor has an output of 60hp and 144nm. The lithium ion battery is sourced from the South Korean SK Group. Top speed is 130 kilometer per hour and range is an impressive 240 kilometer.


The infotainment system with an 8-inch LCD screen is developed by Foxconn, a company famous for building the Apple iPhone. The system runs on Windows CE. The driver can check the status of the battery on his mobile phone, can remotely start the car, and run a full diagnostics program, if he desires so. The system also enables wireless charging, although most Chinese charging stations aren’t ready for that yet.


More good looking tech and more blue.


Very sleek drive selector with the Beijing auto Senova logo. and more blue. Old fashioned parking brake a disappointment, as it should have been electronic.


Looks the same as the petrol car except for blue stuff and badges. Price is good and tech is impressive, but the lack of charging stations on public roads still remains a large hurdle for selling electric cars in China.


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  1. dragin- December 4, 2014 Reply

    This wireless charging you mention here, is it for the vehicle’s traction battery?
    Is it the resonance or inductive type? Tethered systems will be obsolete by the time many charging stations designed for them, come on the scene.

    This EV apparently boasts real world testing, in a Beijing taxi fleet of some 300 units.

  2. marco loglio- December 5, 2014 Reply

    240 km is a respectable range for an EV of this class, but the price is high compared to other EV city car like Zotye Z 100 EV and QQ EV.
    The qq EV comes with a lower 200 km range, but the price is just 60.000 rmb less then half of the Senova 200 EV.
    If the Chinese market of the EV could be free and not fragmented in province with different regulations , this difference of price should dump the future sales of this Senova 200 EV. But Senova work in a very protected market in the Beijing area, where other EV makers find obstacles to sell their products,so finally they will have some market results with this car…

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