Nissan GT-R crashes in China

Nissan GT-R crashes in China

Another serious supercar crash in China. A Nissan GT-R hit a telephone pole on a very wet road in the great city of Huzhou in Zhejiang Province, local media say. After hitting the pole the GT-R span around multiple times, hitting the barrier in the center of the road, before finally coming to a halt just beside a zebra crossing.


The driver was injured and was taken to a local hospital. Fortunately nobody else was hit. The Nissan however looks very dead. The rear suspension is broken and the rear panel has come off. This accident must have happened at high speed…


That’s the rear-right wheel there. Some parts of the engine might be salvaged, but most might not.


We also found some photos of the GT-R arriving at what appears to be a wrecking yard, showing the incredible destruction done to the poor vehicle.


Taking her up…


… and down. The entire chassis seems twisted. This Nissan is a goner.

Sad oh so sad! But happily we have our Famous China-Nissan GT-R Collection™: R32 Skyline, the Wing, matte blue, glow-in-the-dark, with wild girl, with EVO X, licenses,  turquoise, gold, pink black, with babe, shiny pink, shiny purple, very red, bananamatte-black, purple-whiteBrilliance, matte black, gold, Lambo-doors, matte-mint green, shiny purplepink, on bicycle lane, red & blacksilver pirate, pink&black, orange, Lioncelgreen-blue-pink, gold, lime-green, and police.

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