Officially Official: the Zotye T600 Sport SUV for China

Officially Official: the Zotye T600 Sport SUV for China

Zotye has released the first official images of the new Zotye T600 Sport, a sporty version of the Zotye T600 that was launched on the Chinese car market in December 2013. It comes with razor sharp headlights, a smaller grille, a completely new bumper with large air intakes, and racy wheels with five-spoke alloys. Overall design however is the same as the regular T600:


The regular T600. Current price starts at 79.800 yuan and ends at 135.800 yuan. Two engines: a 162hp 1.5 turbo and a 177hp 2.0 turbo. The T600 Sport will be powered by a tuned up variant of the latter, likely with some 220hp.


A wild window wing, new rear lights, and a new bumper with two large rectangular exhaust pipes.

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I really like the Zotye T600!
Turbo Engine, DCT, 8 airbags, Xenon lights, a nice shape and toons of other goodies. It’s an unbeatable price/value proposition!
Unfortunately, I’m planning to leave China next year, so I will buy something cheaper…
Maybe the T500?


It’s a pretty fine SUV, save for the slightly poorer ride quality and wobbly/poorly fixed cubbies, which is pointed out in several Chinese automotive reviews. But looking at the level of trimmings and pricepoint, definitely worth it.


LOL. Why would you buy a knock off that looks like a audi Q series / tourag???

mario cavolo

Because its a beautiful built SUV that looks great and is a great value? I test drove one a few days ago…its an excellent vehicle compared to similar, with very minor flaws…