Leaked: this is the new Yema T80 SUV for China

Leaked: this is the new Yema T80 SUV for China

These are the very first images of the new Yema T80 SUV for China, featuring a large black grille with a thick chrome edge, mean looking headlights, a bumper with LED lights, a trendy C-pillar, and sporty five-spoke alloys. The Yema T80 will debut, likely in concept form, on the 2015 Shanghai Auto Show starting later this month.


The T80 is the largest Yema SUV so far, it will be launched on the Chinese car market in Q4. The Yema T80 will be positioned above the Yema T70 which was launched in January. At launch there will be only one engine available: a 170hp 1.8 turbo that also serves in the T70, mated to a six-speed manual or a CVT. Yema however is also working on a 2.0 turbo with about 200hp. Size: 4720/1820/1716, and wheelbase is 2800.

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  1. At least it (and the C18 concept) looks decent than any of their s–tty Audi/Infiniti clones and the Lamborghini Urus copout (which they ripped off).

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