Chery Karry is going pickup truck in China

Chery Karry is going pickup truck in China

This is the new Chery Karry H98, a compact pickup truck that will be launched on the crowded Chinese market later this year. Karry is a sub-brand of Chery, building small commercial vehicles and mini MPV’s. The H98 is their first pickup truck.


Crew cab, chromed mirrors, wide side bars and impossibly small wheels; all the normal ingredients of a typical cheap Chinese truck. 3M tape around the bed is obligatory by Chinese law. Price of the H98 will start around 70.000 yuan and and around a 100. No news on power yet, but we bet on a 2.X petrol and a slightly bigger 2.X turbo diesel.


Ever more Chinese car makers are moving into the pickup truck market, which is booming in third and fourth tier cities and the countryside. A cheap truck like this is the first-car ever for many a farmer who now uses a stinky tractor or tricycle.

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  1. Karry had an earlier pickup, also of the Isuzuesque type, in 2012 . Body looked like a Foday or Kawei build.
    Yes, everyone is getting on the pickup bandwagon.

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