Ferrari 458 crashes with Police Car in China

Ferrari 458 crashes with Police Car in China

Another Ferrari supercar crash in China. This time we have a white 458 Italia that got rear-ended by a Nissan police pickup truck in the great city of Ningbo in Zhejiang Province. The accident happened when the pickup truck was police-chasing the Ferrari, with sirens on an all, after the coppers noticed that the Ferrari was all over the lines of the road.

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The Ferrari came to a sudden stop on a bridge, and the truck was too close, hitting the Italian race horse full in the rear. The driver of the Ferrari was very drunk and has been arrested. One of the officers was slightly wounded but otherwise all right.


The truck seems dead. It is a locally made Nissan, manufactured by the Zhengzhou-Nissan joint venture. They go for some 100.000 yuan or 16.000 USD. The 458 went for a tad more; 3.88 million yuan or $630.000, and they crash all the bloody time!


Road-cleaning man checks Ferrari. Repairing this mess seems possible, but only just.

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