Beijing Auto Huansu H3 MPV launched on the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show in China

Beijing Auto Huansu H3 MPV launched on the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show in China

The all-new Beijing Auto Huansu H3 MPV was launched today on the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show in China, set to compete with the successful Baojun 730. Price starts at 55.800 yuan and ends at 62.800 yuan, making it a big car for the money. The Huansu H3 is positioned above the upcoming Huansu mini MPV and below the upcoming Huansu H6 MPV.


Wheels look incredible small for a vehicle of this size. Chinese automakers tend to fit small sized tires on their cars in a bid to keep fuel consumption down, ignoring dangers to handling, stability, and to the eye.

The Huansu H3 is available with only one engine for now: a 1.5 with 113hp and 150nm, mated to a five-speed manual gearbox. Later on a 1.8 with 140hp and 180nm will joint the line-up, and that engine will be mated to a 5-speed manual or a 5-speed automatic. Power goes to the front wheels.


A logo in gold, from the factory! We love.

The Huansu series are manufactured by Beiqi Yinxiang Automobile, a joint venture between the Beijing Auto (Beiqi) and the Yinxiang Motorcycle Group. Huansu means ‘Magic Speed’.

The market for mini and compact MPV’s is growing like magic in China. More and more consumers prefer the space and versatility of an MPV over a similar priced sedan or hatchback. Even city folk are no longer ashamed to be seen in one, and that means the market is set to grow even faster.


The interior is a tad on the somber side, with too much black and gray. Bright red alarm button like a shining star in a very dark night. Screen is nicely sized, and quality seems all right.


The Huansu H3 is a seven-seater with a 2+2+3 configuration, but the rear bench is only big enough for young or old people.


Gold logo on the grille too! Brown color too boring. Needs red.

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