Beijing Auto BJ80J is Naked in China

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The best photos so far of the new Beijing Auto BJ80J, a new 4×4 utility vehicle for the Chinese armed forces. The BJ80J is the military variant of the BJ80, with the civilian version designated BJ80C. Deliveries to the army are scheduled to begin in early 2016.

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Small fog lights in the bumper. Winch hiding just below the bumper.

We finally have confirmation about the engine: the BJ80J is going to be powered by Cummins ‘ISF 2.8‘ 2.8 liter four-cylinder diesel engine. Max output is 160hp and 360nm.

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This engine is manufactured in China by the Foton-Cummins engine joint venture in Beijing. Foton is a subsidiary of Beijing Auto Industry Corporation, or BAIC. The BJ80J is manufactured by Beijing Auto Works (BAW), another BAIC subsidiary.


Design of the BJ80 is inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Beijing Auto and Daimler-Benz are very close; they have the successful Beijing-Benz joint venture and Daimler owns a 12% stake in BAIC Motor, the parent company of the Beijing Auto brand.

Persistent rumors say Daimler was very unhappy with the BJ80 and tried to convince BAIC Motor to kill it, which is said the be the main reason why the BJ80 has been delayed a couple of times. It now appears that parties have reached an agreement, and the BJ80 is a sure go.


Mercedes-Benz G-Class.


Antenna on the left. Door opens to the right.


The badges on the back are most interesting, especially the one in ‘handwritten’ characters above the door handle: Yongshi (勇士, Brave Warrior). This is the official nickname of the current BJ2022, a similar 4×4 vehicle for the armed forces, developed with a lot of help from Chrysler, and in service since 2007.

The badge, which we haven’t seen before on the prototypes, indicated the BJ80 is indeed the successor of the BJ2022.

Badge below: Beijing Qiche, Beijing Auto, and BJ80J.


This is the BJ2022JC, JC being the designation for the military variant. Lone engine is a 3.2 liter turbo diesel six with 140hp. Originally, this engine was sourced from Nissan but later on manufactured by the Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Company. The BJ2022JC exists in many variants, including three-door, anti-riot, and badass-armored.


This is the civilian version, simply called ‘Yongshi’. Price starts at 197.000 yuan and ends at 209.000 yuan.

It is basically the same vehicle as the base army version, bar for the engines. The civilian Yongshi is presently available with a 2.5 liter turbo diesel four with 136hp, and with a 2.7 liter petrol six with 150hp. The latter replaced a 3.0 petrol six with 138hp that was available until 2011. Same gearbox for all: a five speed manual, sending power to all wheels.

Size BJ2022: 4490/1825/2150, and wheelbase is 2800.
Size BJ80: 4780/1850/1975, and wheelbase is 2800.


A worthy successor? It certainly looks better, and it looks lighter as well, less bulky and less massive, while it is actually slightly bigger.


Note triangular sticker in the wheel. Characters are ‘junpin’, meaning ‘military product’.


Basic design of the interior is the same as in the civilian version. But the BJ80J comes with all-green army trim and a manual gearbox, whereas the civilian version will be automatic-only. Arm rest in black leather, but the rest of the interior is in…


… green cloth.


Enough space in the rear for some serious guns.


Size is always relative. The BJ80J parked next to a massive Dongfeng EQ2050.


The three-door raised-roof variant of the BJ80J. More variants coming soon. The BJ2022 has about twenty.

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