Best Look So Far at the Volvo S90 scale model from China

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New photos of the Volvo S90 scale model from China, showing the big Swedish sedan from all sides and inside. The first set leaked in late August and the econd in September. The new set however beats all. Most important news first: it is not an 1:18 model but a 1:43.

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Volvo ordered 2000 models at French model maker Norev, who outsourced the job with a Chinese toy maker. An employee of the latter stole 20 cars, of which two are still missing today. Those two are the very cars in these photos, a gray and a blue example.

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Bizarrely, Volvo didn’t mind about the theft, according to SwedeSpeed, quoting Alan Vissner, Managing director for brand sales and advertisement.


He said Volvo ordered 2000 models of the new S90, 20 of which were stolen by an employer of the toy manufacturer, the employee posted the pictures online without knowing that the model was not yet unveiled. Volvo has now managed to buy all of the scale models excepts two, which are still missing.

But Alan Vissner is very happy about the model leak. He was particularly happy about the headlines like; “The A7 killer from Volvo”. He wished he was the one who leaked the scale models from the beginning.

He also says that the new S90 is the ultimate test for Volvo. He wants to show people that they can compete in the 4-door salon segment, and compete very well…like in the XC segment. The sales of the new XC90 has brought over 40 precent new customers from other brands, he expect the number to be 80 precent for the new S90.

“But how will we compete against the likes of the 5-series, A6 and E-class?” he asks himself. Volvo will be focusing on 3 main areas: Design, technology and service. “The Germans are selling steel, we are selling a promise. We will work on giving a better service then the Germans”.


I am going to Sweden tomorrow to steal a 1:1 S90 prototype. Heck, there is probably one testing here in China as well. I will steal that too. I will then post photos on my website. That is all right, according to Alan. How cool is that..?


Norev brand on top. Volvo S90 below. 1/43 between the front wheels.


The new photos show the taillights are truly gigantic. Volvo badge between the lights. S90 badge on the left. The S90 appears to be a conventional sedan rather than a sporty sedan-coupe, but the shape of the C-pillar is very coupe-like again.


The engine lineup of the S90 will be the same as on the recently launched Volvo XC90 SUV:

T5: 2.0 turbo: 257nm and 350nm.

T6: 2.0 turbo + supercharger: 325hp and 400nm.

T8: Drive-E hybrid. 2.0 turbo + supercharger and a 80hp electric motor. Total: 405hp and 640nm.

D4 diesel: 2.0 turbo: 193hp and 400nm.

D5 diesel: 2.0 twin-turbo: 228hp and 470nm.



Shark fin antenna.


Interior very much like the XC90 with lots of beige leather and wood, a classy steer wheel and a large touch screen in the center console.


There doesn’t seem to be too much space in the back. Blame that sporty roof line! Simple single sunroof instead of something panoramic. Chrome strips all around the side windows, pillars in black.


Wood rim on top of the steering wheel.




‘Thor’s Hammer’ headlights similar to those on the XC90. Mirror located on the door.


Front end is a work of art with a large grille topped by a super sized Volvo badge.

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