Pagani Huayra Dinastia hits the Supercar market in China

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Party at Pagani in China. The Italian supercar maker unveiled the super sonic Huayra Dinastia in Shanghai, under the watchful eye of none other than Horacio Pagani himself, seen here standing on the right chatting up to local VIP’s.

The event also celebrated the official launch of the Pagani brand in China. Pagani cars have been available for many years but they were sold only via licensed third-party dealers. From now on the Italians will have their own shops, with the first being in Shanghai.

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White dragon on the front fender.

The Dinastia is a special edition for China, limited to only three cars. Price… 29 million yuan or 4.58 million US dollar. And according to unconfirmed rumors the blue car on the photos hasn’t been sold yet, which would be very special for a special edition, which usually sell out long before they are even made.

The Dinastia features a unique body kit with a large front lip and a racy stabilizing fin on the rear deck. She comes in three colors and with three dragons; one in blue carbon (emblazoned with Baxia, the water dragon), one in gold carbon (embellished by the image of Yazi, the warrior dragon) and one in red carbon (decorated by Chiwen, the protective dragon of fire and rain).

Some extra dragon talk quoted from Pagani’s press release:

Baxia, the dragon that floats in the water. The water, element that flows like the wind, goes along with Huayra elliptical shapes.

Yazi, the dragon that was born like a warrior, wearing a golden armour that empower it to face every challenge.

Chiwen, the dragon that causes rain and protect people from fire. Thanks to the red colour isn’t affected by fire flames.

‘Dinastia’ refers to the famous Chinese ‘dynasties’. Pagani should have done a bit more Chinese homework here, because dynasties and dragons don’t go very well together. According to ancient Chinese believes and traditions, frequent sightings of dragons were an omen  that the end of the ruling dynasty was near.

The engine is unchanged: a twin-turbocharged AMG V12 with an output of 700nm and 1350nm, carrying a weight of 1350 kilo, and good for a 0-100 in 3.3 seconds and a 350 km/h top speed.


Blue car almost looks black from some angles. Wild gold alloys make for a great contrast.


The interior is pornographic as usual. But some porn movies, like those involving 50 men and one woman, are just a bit too much, and the same could be said for the insides of this Pagani. It is just a bit… too much. Too many thingies, too many switches, too many stitches, and too many edges. Still pretty, still hot, but at the same time a tad too confusing…


Ah! Where to look at first?!


The dials? They are dizzying all by themselves.


The ‘box? It seems to fall off a cliff.


Now check the roof and the headrests. There is no dragon on the roof and the rest is covered with alcantara. Compare with press photo:


There is Baxia on the roof, and the rests are in leather. The engineers in the factory must have been too busy adding shiny switches to the dashboard to notice.


Boom boom speaker right behind the head. Disco time!


The tail of the dragon stretches all the way to the taillights.


Italian flag on the fin. It didn’t have one in the press photos.


Lone car in a big shop. Next up will be the Huayra Spyder.


The shop at night.


The monster engine with monstrous additions in gold.


Horacio’s beauty case in blue.


The Huayra badge in shiny blue.


Horacio scratching his head and talking to a hot looking lady wearing white shoes.

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